Innendekorationskurs : Interior Design Workshop (Zürich)

Innendekorationskurs : Interior Design Workshop (Zürich)

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How to develop a design concept

Are you aware of the impact the colours in your home have on your mood and behaviour? Do you feel confident in choosing the right colours and styles for your home? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the choice of styles and furniture available? Do you have a room in your home, where you simply don’t feel comfortable? Have you been postponing your home project for months or even years?

Who is this workshop for?

Typically my interior design workshop participants are women, who feel stuck with their home design project. During my full day interior design workshop I help them find their own style and get clear on what they really want so they can get started on their project with confidence.

“For me, this was just right – just what I needed to get started on my bathroom project.” Adrianne Kelly, Basel

Do you feel intrigued? Then come and learn more about interior design, gain confidence in selecting the right colours, materials and furniture and make your own mood board to get you started on your project. For more information and feedback from previous participants take a look at my video


Interior Design Workshop Content:

What will you get out of it:

You will feel inspired, have a better understanding of what interior design entails and will get started on your project during the workshop. You will learn a simple, but very effective 4-step tool, which will help you find your own style, channel your ideas and get a clear direction. At the end of this interior design workshop you will walk away with your very own mood board in hand and the knowledge of how to approach any space in the future.



“I had been struggling to put my ideas on paper and get clear on what I really wanted. But with Simone’s guidance during the workshop I managed to narrow down my ideas to what should become my concept. I would highly recommend Simone`s interior design workshop to others if you want to gain a sound understanding of design principles and to enhance your own ideas. There is so much more to interior design than I realised and I’ve learnt a vast amount during the course. Simone offers a fountain of real world knowledge and advice. She provided me with excellent guidance throughout the course and promptly answered my questions. The modules were exciting, easy to follow and covered everything you need to know to start working on a design concept.” Agnes Lonska, Civil Engineer, Basel

“The workshop was well prepared, fun and hands-on. We learned about basic styling with color and the mood board is a great tool to design a concept for any room.” Juliette Fong, Webdesigner, Basel

“If you want to re-decorate a room, or a whole apartment, or even just take a course that’s sure to get your creative energies flowing, then this Interior Design Workshop is for you.

“I had no experience in interior design and was surprised to see how everyone (including myself) went home with an inspiring mood board.” Mara Hummel, Pharma, Basel

“I really enjoyed this interior design workshop! I learned how to create a mood board and now look forward to designing a room for the first time.” Kate Whalley, IT specialist, Basel

“I knew nothing about interior design before and now will go and try this again at home.” Marjorie Craig, IT Manager, Basel

“Simone has a very nice and very helpful personality. No question goes unanswered and she listens to every participants needs.” Juliette Demond-Standen, Basel

“I had a lot of fun working at this interior design workshop and highly recommend it.” E. Baldwin (13 yrs.), High School student, Basel

“Simone’s interior design workshop offers a good mix between theory and practice. I appreciated Simone’s expertise, professionalism and her attention to each participant’s expectations. It was a great afternoon which I warmly recommend to anyone.” Anne Hamberg, Marketing professional, Basel

“For me, this was just right – just what I needed to get started on my bathroom project.” Adrianne Kelly, Basel



I look forward to sharing my knowledge and passion for interior design with you!


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Global Inspirations Design


Limmatquai 4
8001 - Zürich

Global Inspirations Design

Simone Aïda Baur is an award winning interior designer, blogger and founder of Global Inspirations Design. «I describe my style as ‘Modern Contemporary with a Touch of Nostalgia’. I work on a contemporary basis, but like to add an element of surprise. I love mixing styles, adding colours and texture as well as playing with materials, shapes and forms, creating contrast, whilst maintaining balance.»

The most important part of any project is the client! Before I get started, I like to get a clear understanding of the clients’ needs and requirements, likes and dislikes as well as lifestyle. This will help me create a personalised space that suits the clients’ personality and essentially gives them a home they look forward coming home to.

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