Kochkurs: Vietnamese Cooking (Zürich)

Kochkurs: Vietnamese Cooking (Zürich)

Sherly's Kitchen

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  • Altersanforderung: ab 16 Jahren
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Vietnamese kitchen is famous for its aromatic fresh herbs and various textures that comes from the versatiliy of using rice-based ingredients such as rice noodles, rice paper, rice crepe.

The harmony and balance of sweet, salty, spicy and sour, the texture of the ingredients is very important in the cuisine. In this hands-on class you will learn to cook the classic favorite Vietnamese dishes and enjoy a flavorful meal. All ingredients are naturally gluten-free in this class. For vegetarians we offer tofu instead of meat.



  • Bánh Xèo: Crispy rice crepe with shrimps and pork, served with fresh herbs
  • Nem: Crispy rice paper spring rolls with vegetable and mushroom
  • Bún Chả/Bò Bún: Hanoi-style rice noodle bowl with fresh herbs and various topppings (Nem, stir-fried meat/tofu) served with sweet & sour dipping sauce. Delicious and filling but light to digest. President Obama's favorite Vietnamese dish!
  • Dessert: Chè - Coconut pudding with tapioca pearls

Class duration 3hrs

CHF 149/person

Address: Sherly's Kitchen, Seestrasse 297, 8038 Zurich


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Sherly's Kitchen


Seestrasse 297
8038 - Zürich
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